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  1. now I am in complete disbelief, lol, I am seriously lost for words, frukitko
    seriously, I can't stop laughing out or pure disbelief, it's just been one super awesome post after another, it's hard to get my head around how much seriously hard to find MILF porn you have posted, what has taking me years of searching to no avail you go and post in one night, just about all the stuff you have posted I have been trying to track down for what seems like forever now.
    you are officially on my Christmas card list, frukitko
    it might not sound like much, but it's only a very exclusive group of people that make it my Christmas card list, lol seriously, I all these new posts are so greatly appreciated, bro
    thank you.

  2. Hi what's the name of 13934, 13935 and 16565 ? Thanks !

  3. Thanks Fruktiko !