Mature/Granny Pearl 67

pics & vid


  1. I have not seen a new set of pictures from Pearl in years now??? I think the last time I saw a set of pictures form this lady was in a 40somomething set that came out about two or three years ago, she still looks the same, LOL, age has treated her well, huge thanks for posting this much beloved set, frukitko, the new toyboy set is awesome as well.
    if you ever come across the, EUROPEAN MAMA / Nicoletta set, the one where she has red hair, it would be seriously appreciated, bro, I found a really poor copy of the film once but I think it had been recorded on some really shitty video capture software, really poor quality. LOL, it was almost like watching one of them really bad VHS copies of the latest cinema releases that people used to sell on street corners in city's on a Saturday afternoon back in the late 90S.
    super huge thanks from your friendly neighborhood pervert.

  2. Hi Fruktiko, happy new year to you in a personal point of view and plenty of gorgeous, sexy and nasty mature women to see longingly at her...