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  1. OMG...... So much new awesomeness. I see you have been busy at work again Frukitko. I can't believe how much new stuff you have posted, and most of it is all the new stuff from Mature EU / NL, Really good stuff mate. The new Keyhole Rosemary video is really great as well. Thanks for all the great picture sets also, amazing.
    Huge thanks for all the new stuff Frukitko, you are the best.

    PS. A long time ago you posted the Kendra Grace and Naomi J videos on your old file host, as these videos are no longer available to download from this old file host i was really hoping you could repost them on Keep2Share, i have looked everywhere to find them, your blog is the only place i know that has posted them in there original file size.
    Video 1. Mature EU / USA Housewives Kendra Grace.
    Video 2. Mature EU / European Mama Naomi J.
    Video 3. Mature EU / Mature Picture Magazine Naomi J.
    Huge thanks.