1. How you are speaking my language Frukitko. I really appreciate it when you post old Mature nl video and picture sets like this Carol upload. 99% off the time when i am lucky enough to finally find some of the old videos like this Carol video they always seem to be on really old file hosts like Lucky-Share and Rapidgator. There are two old Mature EU videos in particular i have been trying to find for the last two years i was really hoping you might be able to help me out with Frukitko. honestly, i have tried everywhere to find them on Keep2Share, you are my last hope mate. Huge thanks..... A long time fan of your blog.
    Just to make things easier for you i will post you the links to the page on Mature EU / NL where the two videos are.
    Video 1. European Mama Nicoletta. The video where she has red hair.
    You can find Nicoletta's video in the middle row second from the bottom of the page. Link to the Nicoletta video.
    Video 2. European Mama Leana. You can find Leana's video in the right section eleven down from the top of the page. Link to Leana video.
    Huge thanks.

    PS. I am really loving a lot of the new stuff you have been posting lately. Tris has friends. Sweet finds bro.

  2. Can i ask why you didn't approve my last message Frukitko??? If i did something wrong or posted something i shouldn't have just let me know. Thanks again.

  3. Very strange??? My first reply never showed up earlier on tonight when all the new reply's came in??? I guess it must have been some type of glitch on my side of the computer screen. My deepest apologies for any confusion i may have caused Frukitko. Cheers!

    1. your message was stuck in spam ...

  4. No worries mate. spam can be a real nightmare. Thanks again for posting them two videos for me Frukitko.
    You are a legend mate.