Olga & Kasey


  1. I had a really good feeling that you would have posted a load of really great stuff tonight Frukitko, LOL. I am so happy that you have posted all the new picture sets and videos from Mature EU / NL. I am really loving the Olga C & Kasey Video, really sexy. Love the new Keyhole video and all the new Southern Charms and Village Ladies / Vintage Vixens picture sets. Thanks to you i am starting to get quite the collection. Thanks again for sharing all the really cool and sexy mature stuff you find on your travels, it's greatly appreciated Frukitko.
    PS. I was wondering if it would be OK if you could possibly post the Creampie Mature video Francsina did for Mature EU / NL. I have found mutable links to download this video on Keep2Share but it always says the this file no longer exists. Thanks

    Question for Frukitko. Do you know if Mature EU / NL - Mature Magazine made any videos that go with the picture sets you posted??? I can't seem to find any trace.

  2. OK.It's a real shame they never made some videos to go with the picture sets.
    Thanks for the reply Frukitko.