Sex Show


  1. Another Friday is upon us. I had no doubt you will have uploaded a seriously huge amount of really amazing new stuff, huge thanks for the new, Raina W, Savana, Roza, Dalbin and Jana video and picture sets, really cool. Why no Jana Picture set??? Seems very strange for you Frukitko not to post the picture set alongside the video???
    I can't thank you enough for all the Tris Has Friends videos and picture sets, never heard of this company before??? I see they use lots of the mature models from Mature EU / NL, Amazing uploads bro.
    Thanks for the next wave of Katia picture sets. Sweet!
    Once again you have made my Friday night mate.
    PS. About two weeks ago you was good enough to repost for me a pretty old Nicoletta video, the one you originally posted on your old file host. Every since then i have been trying to find the other video Nicoletta did. The video where she has red hair, this video is impossible to find on Keep2Share, the only links i can find to download this video are from Lucky Share, and by the looks of things them links have been dead for ages now. If you ever get the time to upload it for me i would be really grateful Frukitko.
    I will leave you a link from Mature EU / NL where you can find it.Saves you having to look for it.

    Nicoletta European Mama. She is in the middle row, 20 down from the top.

    Thanks again. Keep up the always amazing work Frukitko.

  2. ??? What the hell happened to the last message i left, LOL.

  3. Frutiko--Slave 2 and Slave 4 are the same video--Otherwise great job--jodale

  4. Jodale, thanks, but sizes of files the different

  5. I'll quickly scanned - it seems to be a different video...