Red & Beth


  1. Really Cool! I give you my deepest thanks for posting both these new Mature EU / NL Lesbian picture sets and videos. I can't personally say i am a huge fan of Red's work, but i do have to say Red looks really amazing in this new Old & Young Lesbians set, I cant wait to view it. Super huge thanks for uploading these two really amazing new sets Frukitko.
    PS. I would like to ask if you could work your magic and possibly help me out with trying to get hold of pretty old Mature EU / NL video Frukitko. For the last six mounts iv'e been trying to find the Mature EU / NL European Mama Beatriz video. As it is an old video all the links i seem to come across always seem to be dead links. I can't even begin to explain how disheartening it is always finding the same dead links over and over, LOL.
    Hope you can help Frukitko.
    You can find European Mama Beatriz in the right section seventieth down from the top. Or sixth from the bottom. Link to Beatriz.

    [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Picture of European Mama Beatriz.

  2. Tx a lot for this lez video improved a lot the production, for the last weeks