Granny Knits


  1. Ok, but please do not write the full name of the site...

    1. Thank you so much! You're right. That was dumb. I forgot about the whole Google Index thing. It's my first time commenting on a blog. I'll be more careful next time. Good thing Google still lets the user moderate the comments. Anyway, you're awesome! Thank you!

    2. Within two-three weeks they will upload the full set...

    3. Cool! Thank you! Sorry for the earlier mistake again. Sucks that you're almost always guaranteed to find the sickest and most disgusting stuff imaginable on sites like T-PB but can't rely on them for good quality content for non-psychos like yours. I mean, they have thousands upon thousands of people seeding videos of people literally drinking shit, piss, and vomit cocktails and piercing breasts and genitals with nails over there. Just looking at the screenshots of three of those videos last month made me sick and killed my appetite for two days. Your content is a breath of fresh air.