Hairy Granny and Hairy Girl

Petri (68), Naomy (21)

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  1. Talk about posting an old school classic. Huge thanks for uploading this classic video and updated picture set with the new Mature EU / NL logo. I really do hate the original logo they used to use for a lot of these Old & Young Mature Lesbians picture sets back in the day, over kill springs to mind. Many thanks for the new Olga C upload, Frukitko. Olga C has to be one of my all time favourite mature babes. The new Mature EU / NL Lesbian Housewives video looks interesting, LOL. I really hope you get around to posting the other new Mature EU / NL Lesbian Housewives video and picture set that came out last week. Staring Rina M, Elivia & Alma.
    Keep up the always mind blowing work mate. You the man....