Retro Mature Photo Sets

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  1. It's truly something to see all the Mature EU / NL, Vintage Mature Photo-shoot sets all in on post. Kudos. It's just a shame i didn't have the opportunity back in the day to upload all the picture sets from one upload, LOL. it took bloody ages to find all these vintage picture sets. I am sure this amazing vintage collection will be much appreciated by anybody who is looking to complete there Mature EU /NL collection. Just out of curiosity, Frukitko do you happen to have the first two videos Alexa did for Mature EU / NL. I do believe you have posted much of her work in the past. Trying to find Alexa first two video on Keep2Share is an impossible task. It would be really sweet if at some point in the future you could post both these much sort after video. Thanks again.
    Keep up the always amazing work, Frukitko.

    PS. Huge thanks for the new Christina X & Sofia picture sets and videos. Fucking awesome.........