Granny & Mature in Glasses Pics & Vids

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  1. My mind is swimming... God bless you , Frukiyko. Super huge thanks for the new Alex, Kathy White, Celeste and stunning Bianca V... So many new Mature EU / NL videos & picture sets. Fucking Aces.... And many thanks for all the new and really sweet Vilage Ladies / Vintage Vixens picture sets. Beyond awesome. It's such a shame that the pictures from Vilage Ladies / Vintage Vixens are so small and low resolution, they have great mature models. They really should really concider upping their game. As always your blog rocks my world mate. Keep up the always stella bro.

    Can I put in a request.
    For the last five months I have been trying to find both of the old videos that Jana D did for Mature EU / NL. I swear to god trying to find both of Jana D's videos from Mature EU / NL is next to impossible. All the old links to these videos are long dead now. Mainly due to them been posted on really old file providers. I've had no look finding either of them on Keep2Share. I guess I must be the only person left on this planet who still wants both these videos for his collection. LOL.

    How to find both the Mature EU / NL, Jana D Posts.

    First post can be found on page 51. Middle section 13 posters down from the top of the page. Jana D, Big Mature Slut. A link to page 51.

    Second Mature EU / NL post can be found on page 50. Middle section 18 posters down from the top. Jana D, Mature Solo.

    Jana D, page 50. Mature Solo Flyer / poster.

    Jana D, Page 51. Big Mature Slut flyer / poster.

    Thanks again.....