Mature Sex Party Special


  1. My opinion about this production :
    The parties without the guys could be magical, with some models shooting what do the others : every 3 Ladies in the party, one takes a camera.
    Some experienced models stagging the newbies ...

    Some Ladies dancing, some others having lesbian sex, or even just doing a casting (newbies).
    So a casting in group too, and a class of modeling.

    In this context, one happening gathering 20 Ladies would be much more exciting rather 3 videos with 7 Ladies.
    Cheap camcorders and webcams do now excellent result, largely enough to have mesmerizing videos.
    With 6 cameras / 20 Ladies, or better, 12 cameras / 40 Ladies the footage would be impressive enough to release 20 or 40 updates for the site.
    Subtitles too for the discussions of the Ladies (exactly what does czAv, for the czechlesbians happenings.
    Otherwise, the models are very very sexy.

  2. Hi. There was post with girls from Southern-Charms several days ago, but now it has disappeared(. Could you restore this post? I would be very appreciated