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  1. All those women, appearing in large groups (20 to 30 Ladies), staged by a bubbling experienced model (check the last Jelly dance Off, released at girlsoutwest), shot by 4or 5 cameras, models self-shooting the action (check the Bar Party, released at lol-lesbians) : that is what porn industry has to release, not such job shot and directed by a loser.

    Tx anyway for posting them.

  2. I know that you will ignore my request, but please post (or send by mail) Т0ni Liхх movie,
    N1kki L0rd(41), Каtаlуn (51), Al1$ha (52), Каtiе G (52)

    P.S. I can find АО30 Sandra K, Sandra D, Darling, Camilla, I already have Jade, Nika, Rio. Tell me if you want.

  3. Fizik
    I'll fulfill your request.. selectively