Granny series 61-84 y.o

pics & vids


  1. Thank you and this too pics and movies

  2. Huge progresses, in the last Brittany K+Ramira B lesbian show, released last week at : models don't suddenly pop up in another pose, so the editing lets us to see when the Beauties are changing pose.
    Some nice fingerings too (it's boring to see licking, taking over from a licking, which was taken over a licking which was ...)
    No 69 in this lez show, but one 69 in the 3-some of saturday, even if the editing was there in the old - and poor - mode : the poor editing, cutting all what is not licking ...

    So perhaps's staff decided to improve a bit its production ?

    So perhaps women holding the cameras, very soon, women staging the scenes in live, and perhaps huge lesbian parties, more regularly ?