Lesbiennes matures. Films


  1. Excellent thread.
    Exactly what is missing at mature nl : genuine play, no stupid moanning all along, no cut at editing, a lot of 69, a lot of fingering.

    Pornographers from CZ have to clean crappies, instead of shooting lesbians.

    The only default in those french videos is tabout he guys, shooting a scene and appearing into the frame.
    If only women, shooting also the action, that would be perfect.

    And if a lot of women, shooting with a lot of camcorders, for huge lez parties, that would be even better.

    Give us more of videos like those ones.

    Here, Helene is 82

    and 32 pages of videos looking just delightful
    Give us more of such wonder, plz

  2. thanks was looking for 685 movie for about 2 years