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  1. Juliette'G show, as the lesbian video, with Katenka and Dafne, are really good.

    When a lesbian show is stagged like that, and models have such play, without any bad fake moanning, and without any crappy asshole licking, it's realy ggod. Btw, the editing is also very good, letting all action uncut, so models don't suddenly pop up for another licking.

    With the lesbian Busty04, mature nl is much closer of the lesbian content released at abbywinters, one of the best sites of the web, for releasing scenes with 2 lesbians.

  2. Abbywinters I love, but there is no old ladies

    1. yes, I agrre, there are only 2 defaults at AW :
      1 - no mature wome
      2 - only 2 girls for the video.

      Other else : models having a very genuine play, this is exactly what happens in the Lesbian Busty 04. Just missing one or two 69, to make the show absolutely perfect.

    2. You can write wishes on their website!
      I want to see the hidden camera!
      Mat n l voyeur

      like HiddenJane

    3. I write regularly to the site, since 3 or 4 years.

      Absolutely no change about Alex's videos, except perhaps a better camera job, since january 2011.

      Otherwise, always the same stagging, the same editing.
      Just a few seconds with the model, walking into the room, but never more than 3 or steps.
      Yet, a mature rump is magical, when such parading.
      The only pornographers doing a really good job are Kelt man (Helen, Elaine, Caroline B, ....)

      As Elaine and Caroline do beautiful things together, in the AUF #16, I guess that this guy is the pornographer shooting for ladysuspender.

      And Jan : his last lesbian videos (I think that the Lesbian Busty serie is shot by this guy) are pretty good, and some solos too

      Otherwise, eu-media is unable to shoot other else than pottery and women staying stuck on a bed or on a sofa.
      And the dutch guy can't shut up, when he shoots a woman.
      It's a pity to see that.

      And i don't understand that such site, releasing 20 to 30 minutes of video daily, don't gather all the Ladies of the month, with 1 camcorder for 3 Ladies, to shoot wild orgies : it's much easy for an amateur to have a very convincing play, among groups, rather having a camera focusing on her for 20 to 30 minutes.

      And to see women shooting others women is really erotic, I agree about such voyeur touch : Annie does it with her female team, at GOW, and models self-shoot at lesshin, when they do beautiful things together.

      It's really very erotic.

    4. there was a time when the operator constantly while shooting models explaining what to do - listen to this talk and see the puzzled faces of the models - it's not the most exciting activity )

    5. The durch guy can't avoid dumbass comments, but you are right : a spanish guy was wishpering directives all along a video.

      there were perhaps 100 videos shot by this guy, before mature nl stopped to "work" with him.
      Such directing in live, done by a woman, with frank directives, would be a must of eroticism.

      And as women make often excellent job (cf Annie at GOW, or Maisie at AW ...), it's very difficult to understand the strategy of porn industry.

  3. Mat n l - is also an excellent stuff!
    Many new models and the recent excellent solo shoot!

  4. Will you post in future S.C. models?