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  1. Love these last two posts, Bro.
    Fucking top class.
    You are amazing, Frukitko, Posting all these brand-spanking new sets for the masses, Two thumbs up for you mate.
    As always your new and awesome posts are greatly appreciated my friend.
    Super huge thanks.

  2. Her name is Lonnie, Frukitko. I see you are still having big problems with this Troll who has a a serious infatuation with reposting my old appreciation messages??? If you really want to get rid of this loser you could try using a forum style system, that way he will have to give up his email / IP address, once you have that losers IP address i guarantee you he will not step out of line ever again. If he does just Black list his IP.
    Since this loser keeps flooding your feedback with my old appreciation messages. I will not be using my VD calling card from now on. If you see any messages from now on with a VD Watermark please feel free too delete them.
    PS. I am serious loving all the new greatness you have been posting as late. Good show sir..........

  3. Nine set, Good stuff mate.
    Huge thanks.