Curvy Grandma and Cheerful Ladies


  1. Thank you Fruktiko for this new Buttercream round, she is gorgeous.

  2. The shot #666 and #667 are amazing.

    Videos will surely released too, since a hand, holding a camera, appears into the frame from time to time ...a hairy hand, unfortunately.

    When porn industry will understand that this kind of female parties has to be by women too, with a lot of a lot of women added, with a lot of lat cameras, for a lot of messy female activity :o)

    Tx a lot for the update, and the possibility to make comments, Fruktiko

  3. New amazing sets and videos from my all time favourite company,absolutely amazing posts mate.
    Your taste in mature honeys is second to none, your Blog rules, conard Bro. That's just the way it is. aww yeah