Hot and Sexy Matures


  1. Tx a lot for such Beauties.

    But too bad that pornographers who shoot them are all lazy fuckers.

    As already said, in solo, the Lady is stuck on a bed for 20 to 30 minutes. All those moronic togs never noticed that a mature rump is magical, when the Beauty is walking.

    And in lesbian shows, the models are so badly staged that they don't make a fingering, in 30 minutes of show, but are fakely moanning all along.
    And never forget the crappy asshole.
    With a disastrous editing, btw, where any changing pose is cut at editing.
    It's a pity to see that, and that's lasts for 3 years at mature nl (before, that was worse).
    A real pity to see that.

    Even if Marilyn from Scotland took her stockings off, yesterday.
    It's a pity to see such models so poorly staged and shot by dorkies.

  2. Thanks for all your efforts,
    You have a set of Christmas here, I've noticed another set on, where she wears a red dress. Do you have the full set, and is there a video too?

    1. Christmas is the name of the model that you have here in the 16972 set & video.