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  1. Excellent work as always fruktiko! Did you rejoin r woods in the end?

  2. Big Big thanks fruktiko. You are the best.

  3. Tx a lot for the effort.
    Yet, why the owner of m.nl would make any effort, since people seems very happy with such content?

    What makes RW excellent is that the Ladies are moving for the show. Excellent example with LeighAnne 1, 2 or 3.

    With a soundtrack a bit more funky, so a bit less cheesy, that would be absolutely perfect shows in solo.

    And absolutely nope a pornographer, including the UK ones, are able to shoot a woman like that at m.nl.

    Btw, totally amateur models, like 9 models out of 10, for the Czech Beauties, need a tight staging.
    To get an erotic result, the only way is to have a female pornographer, to stage the model in live.

    the recipe is still not so complicate !!