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  1. to admire 60 women, but together, for doing beautiful things, like here :


    that would be really amazing.

    About 5 or 6 mature Beauties, for this magical party, but porn industry has to release much more often such magic, and from time to time with only mature Ladies.

    Tx a lot for your blog, and tx for all your updates from RW and MEW

    1. The X-mas party, shot in 2009, was one of the best lez videos, released at mature.nl.
      But the staging wasn't perfect (not sure that there was any staging) : a female director can stage something in live.
      Not only the show isn't spoiled by that, but on the contrary, that improves greatly the eroticism of the show. Not the case, with some male directive or comment (check this point at mature.nl, with any video shot by the Dutch tog)
      Unfortunately, porn industry is driven by guys, and compared to Annie, for instance (the webmastress of GirlsoutWest), Alex, and the others Czech or UK pornographers aren't killers.