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  1. Tx a lot for this huge post.

    Only a CZ pornographer can shoot so cutie Ladies, and stage them so poorly.

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    1. The ladies are amazing, I agree with you.

      Just that all those women could look bubbling, if cleverly staged.

      Take a peep at the last czechlesbians party #5 : the hostess is Nicoleta Emilie, one of the exposed nurses (same studio than MLM).
      There are at least 5 others nurses, in the party (Denisa Heaven, Terry Sullivan, Kattie Gold, Sweet Cat, and the mature Amilie)

      In their show at EN, they really look like 5 silly things, and any video is the copy of the previous one.

      At czechlesbians, they look bubbling, sparkling, because Nicoleta Emilie conducts nicely the action, and icing on the cake, they are in a huge lesbian party (more than 60 girls in the house, my dream is coming true).

      So, to see all such mature Beauties, having fun in group, and looking bubbling would be tantalizing.

      Instead of that : models looking like silly things, in repetitive videos, with a Lady stuck on a bed for 30 minutes of drairy masturbation (EN, NHN, MLM,, AO30, AJ, KOW, ...), or in a poorly staged lesbian video, the models oggling some mimicing directive from the pornographer every 30 seconds.

      Just a woman, staging the scene in live, and all would look better, even if only 2 Ladies on the bed.

    2. it's porn ! If I want to look at sexual gait - I look erotica ! or webcams!

    3. if you combine those things (gait and bed), you get a very long video, or short " bed" :)

  3. Accolades for Fruktiko---If I were a preacher I'd find you a wife;If I were Jack the Ripper I'd give you my knife;If I were a Karate instructor I'd give you a belt;If I were a trapper you would get the pelt;but none of these I ain't so I can not make you a saint;but you have made us a believer so I can count on you for the beaver.--THANKS

  4. Really sexy cute & nasty ladies........
    great series 'MomLovesMom' -
    Thanks a thousand times for sharing !!!

    + honolulu333

  5. Lovely sets and vids Fruktiko. Thanks a lot mate.